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The sheer volume of waste being generated by concentrated numbers of stalled horses is creating serious manure management problems for today's large equine facilities. Composting and/or spreading manure as fertilizer are not always viable options. Landfills are overflowing. Waste handling and transportation costs are on the rise. Stricter legislation governing manure disposal is inevitable, and the call for greater environmental responsibility is pressuring sizeable equine operations to do more to protect the soil, water and air. Biosecurity is also a significant issue, and providing a healthy environment for horses and humans is a vital necessity. We have the answers to these and a number of other concerns facing today's horse care professionals.

Equine Solutions has developed cost-effective, environmentally friendly technologies that provide waste recycling solutions for the equine industry, with the added bonus of generating "clean and green" renewable energy. Our primary customers are large breeding, training and boarding operations; racetracks and training centers; and public horse parks, equestrian centers and show grounds.
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